Expert bookkeeping for Credit Unions.

Less paperwork for you… more time with your members.

Get a back-office dream team.

Nix the endless paperwork.

Build a better credit union.

We’ve got your back (office).

From daily processing to monthly board reporting, to annual NCUA exam prep, strengthen your back office with a full range of bookkeeping services delivered by a team of experienced professionals.


Daily, Monthly, End-of-Year, GLs, Payroll


Federal, State, & Local; Custom Board Packet Production

Account Monitoring & Balancing

Entries, Postings, and Corrections

Personalized Support

On-Call Exception and GL Variance Research, Investment & Insurance Management, Live Auditor/Examiner Support

Stop feeling overwhelmed.

Of course you can’t do it all. Accounting tasks require uninterrupted time and a taste for the tedious. When you’re serving your members and managing others, you have neither.

We have both. This means you won’t have to stress over …


always being behind.


hiring an experienced staff member to own the effort.


under-serving members because of constant paperwork demands.


overflowing back office needs.


managing the risk of losing experienced staff.


fear of being out of compliance or audited.


outgrowing your ability to keep up.


choosing to do the books yourself because you’re the only one who understands the big picture.


risking costly mistakes.

Don’t let bookkeeping drag you down all day or keep you up all night.
You have a credit union to run.

Start feeling in control.

For less than the cost of a full-time employee (or a good therapist), you can lose the guilt, skip the stress, and feel in control of your books, your office, and your credit union.

An Expert Team

Credit union accounting functions are unique. It often takes years to achieve expert-level knowledge. We’ve got ’em – over 30. Which means when you hire us, you’re hiring experts.

Automation & Accuracy

Uploading files to our system is like clockwork. Keeping you in compliance is our idea of a good time. And balanced books are right up there with air and water for us. Your books will be in better shape than ever.

Reallocation of Valuable Resources

Spending a lot of time on bookkeeping tasks? Don’t make us jealous, just let us do it. Because then you or your valuable staff member can focus on your members and your services.

Poised for Growth

Nothing stunts growth like an overload of back office tasks. Put that load on us so you can serve your members better and grow your business faster.

Get bookkeeping relief in 3 easy steps.


Schedule a Mutual Evaluation

We’ll learn about your credit union and bookkeeping challenges and tell you a little about how we can help.


Review the Solution

We’ll guide you through your custom proposal to make sure it meets all your needs. We’ll then explain our onboarding process and set a date to get started.


Go Live

Set. the. paperwork. down. And enjoy more face-to-face time serving your members well.

But don’t take our word for it …

I took over a credit union after the long-time CEO passed away unexpectedly. The financial records needed a lot of work, and I was referred to the team at CU Books. I was impressed with their plan for getting the Credit Union back on track. CU Books worked with us on all aspects, including state and national examiners. CU Books was a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend them to any credit union for a professional and reliable experience.

Heath F.

Troy, OH

Outsourcing my bookkeeping and back office work to CU Books has been a complete game changer. Not only did it allow me to re-focus multiple team members on more important things, it has allowed me to take a more active part in coaching and managing my team. After this experience, I can’t imagine ever bringing my bookkeeping or back office work back in house.


Houston, TX

As a credit union going through a core conversion, CU Books has been an important part of our efforts to ensure a smooth transition. We were looking for a solution that would bring expertise and professionalism to our accounting department at an affordable cost, and CU Books offered just that. From the accounting leads to the president, everyone at CU Books has worked hard to make sure we get what we need.

Bud S.

Spring Valley, CA

The CU Books difference.

Bookkeeping needs are necessary. That’s why CU Books offers reliable, niche booking services exclusively for credit unions.

Don’t trade face time with your members for screen time with your books.

Your books don’t need you when they have us.

You’ll gain time and resources to build a stronger and better credit union for your members.