I Can Outsource My Accounting & Backoffice?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common comments I get when I visit with Credit Union leaders.

If you think about it, you’re already outsourcing lots of repetitive, complicated, time-sensitive tasks to other so you can serve your members better: marketing, statement processing, IT (just to name a few). What happens if someone at your IT provider no-shows today? Not your problem. And if someone with your statement processor is promoted? Ideally (if they’re like CU Books), someone else is already familiar with your account and simply steps in to serve you – you never know the difference. It’s for these specific circumstances, and the peace of mind we provide knowing that they aren’t their problem any more, that so many Credit Unions trust CU Books with their Accounting and Backoffice work.

Flash forward to conversations I have with long-time customers… people like Tony at Baylor College of Medicine FCU in Houston:

“Outsourcing my bookkeeping and back office work to CU Books has been a complete game changer. Not only did it allow me to re-focus multiple team members on more important things, it has allowed me to take a more active part in coaching and managing my team. After this experience, I can’t imagine ever bringing my bookkeeping or back office work back in house.”

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